System - Suspend/Resume in Ubuntu Desktop i386 in Natty Beta 1 (archived)

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Passedprimes2h-asus2011-04-13 18:24
PassedVladimir-HP-ProBook2011-04-08 05:58

after resuming in live mode (while snr-001 test case), 'system program problem detected' message appears. then, the following message appears 'sorry, the program 'modprobe' closed unexpectedly'.
but the rest seems working nornamly. the mentioned message doesn't appear the second time.

Nothing happened while performing snr-002 test case. maybe it's ok.

after resuming (while snr-003 test case) the laptop starts booting from live CD and doesn't come back to desktop environment. perhaps, it's ok for live cd mode.

Passedminoru-yanagisawa2011-04-02 14:41

Test 1 by script was failed but all others passed.
Battery Consumption 44 mW

Passedmartin_o2011-04-02 11:27

Test #1 fails to suspend, but all other cases passes.

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