Video - External Screen in Ubuntu Desktop amd64 in Precise Beta 2 (archived)

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ReporterLast updateBugsComment
Faileddedalu-dedalu2012-04-05 08:51
Display utility doesn't offer to use nvidia-settings with proprietary
drivers installed? (#879528)

In: gnome-control-center (Ubuntu)
Status: Triaged
Importance: Medium
Assignee: Canonical Desktop Team
1 reports, 15 comments, 3 subscribers, 0 duplicates

With proprietary nvidia drivers, you must use 'nvidia-settings' to do that. Multi-monitor works, but the testcase fails since 'gnome-control-center display' does not offer 'nvidia-settings' as an alternative. Bug #879528 was already reported, so I add this comment: "This bug may be unimportant for desktop systems, but is important for laptops. The first time user must google to solve such easy task."

ReporterLast updateBugsComment
Passedcarla-sella2012-03-30 15:17
compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in std::__detail::_List_node_base::_M_hook()
from unity::ui::PointerBarrierWrapper::EmitCurrentData (#944217)

In: unity (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: High
Assignee: Andrea Azzarone
1 reports, 10 comments, 5 subscribers, 4 duplicates

After unplughing the external monitor compiz crashed see bug #944217.

Passedmoteprime2012-03-30 02:18

Passed with HDMI and VGA ports

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