Networking - Wireless in Ubuntu Desktop amd64 in Quantal Beta 2 (archived)

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Failedmoteprime2012-09-30 09:47
1814:3090 RT3090 Network speed are very low (#896582)
In: linux (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Medium
Assignee: Ike Panhc
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Passedlapor2012-10-06 13:26
Passedmfauzirahman2012-09-30 21:19
Passedwkclemmons2012-09-30 16:28
Passedcarla-sella2012-09-30 10:49
Passedshishimaru2012-09-29 10:45
Passedandroid-lee2012-09-29 00:41
Passedalessiogrossosgarrillo2012-09-28 14:34
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