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TitleUSB Ports
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Test-case name: Port Connectivity

Case ID: hiu-001

Connect a USB mouse to the first USB port on the computer.
Verify that moving the USB mouse controls the pointer on-screen.
Disconnect the USB mouse from the computer.
Repeat for every USB port on the computer.


Verify that the mouse controls the cursor correctly.

Test Port Recognition

Case ID: hiu-002

Connect a usb based music player to a usb port
Check that the suggestion box says Open Banshee Music Player.
Click on Ok.
Ensure the the music files are listed under the device name in Banshee.


Verify that the music player is detected.
Verify that the files it contains are displayed within Banshee.

Test Port Recognition 2

Case ID: hiu-003

Connect a usb pen drive to the device.
A nautilus (file browser) window should open with the device name as a title.
Move files back and forth.
Unmount and remove the drive.
Insert the drive again and ensure that the files are on the drive and not corrupted.


Verify that the the device icon is displayed automatically.
Verify that files can be copied back and forth.
Verify that the drive can be unmounted and the icon disappears.

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
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