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TitleInternal Data Card Reader
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Test Card Reader

Case ID: him-001

Insert a media card into the reader.
A suggestion window should open for the card, ignore this for now.
Press the Super Window Key or click on Activities in the upper left hand panel.
Click on the Files icon on the Unity panel.
In the home folder find the media card in the menu on the left. Right click on this and open it.
Verify that a window opens showing the contents of the card (if any).
Right-click within the window and select Create Document → Create Empty File. Call the file test.txt.
Verify that test.txt is created.
Drag test.txt to the trash can in the left hand menu.
Verify that test.txt is removed from the card.
Close the card window.
Return to the suggestion window and select eject.
Repeat for every type of media supported (e.g. CF, SD, MMC, etc.).


Card is detected.
A file can be created and deleted on the card.
The card can be unmounted and disappears from the desktop.

Reconnect Card Reader and Verify Remounting

Case ID: him-002

Insert a media card into the reader.
Verify that a suggestion box appears for the card.
Click eject.
Verify that window disappears.


Card is detected.
The card can be unmounted and disappears from the desktop.

If all actions produce the expected results listed, please submit a 'passed' result.
If an action fails, or produces an unexpected result, please submit a 'failed' result and file a bug. Please be sure to include the bug number when you submit your result

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