Audio - Headphones in Ubuntu Desktop i386 in Natty Beta 2 (archived)

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FailedDina2011-04-15 16:16
[NV79, Realtek ALC272X, Black SPDIF Out, Left] Playback problem (#761861)
In: alsa-driver (Ubuntu)
Status: Fix Released
Importance: Undecided
Assignee: David Henningsson
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Whenever I plug headphones into my laptop I hear sound through the both the headphones and on the computer built in speakers. In order to listen to music or anything through the headphones I have to change the sound manually from the sound menu. (I change it from analog speakers to analog headphones).

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PassedVladimir-HP-ProBook2011-04-27 05:46
Passedmarknigh2011-04-25 12:05
Passedprimes2h-asus2011-04-19 08:19
Passedpaolorotolo2011-04-16 18:02
Passedkrnekhelesh2011-04-15 20:38
PassedTankopunk2011-04-15 15:24
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