Video - Builtin Screen in Ubuntu Desktop i386 in Natty Beta 2 (archived)

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Failedv-miheer2011-04-21 15:53
Change in resolution failed. (#768378)
In: metacity (Ubuntu)
Status: Expired
Importance: Undecided
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When i changed resolution the display went off. I was only able to see cursor. I restarted my pc. And now my desktop has no theme.
I can never change my Brightness. I have Intel GMA 4500M.
After reboot i tried for 2-3 more resolutions. The change wasn't satisfactory and after next reboot the display become blank. 11.04 logs in as i can hear sound but can't see desktop.

FailedDina2011-04-15 16:45
8086:0046 [Gateway NV79] Contrast Keys Don't Work (#761893)
In: linux (Ubuntu)
Status: Expired
Importance: Medium
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When I try to change the screens brightness the keys do not work. I would see the bar move but I would not see a change in the monitor.

ReporterLast updateBugsComment
PassedVladimir-HP-ProBook2011-04-27 18:16
Passedmarknigh2011-04-25 12:35
Passeddanne2011-04-20 21:30
Passedprimes2h-asus2011-04-19 08:19
Passedmauro.feb162011-04-19 07:41
Passedkrnekhelesh2011-04-18 15:12
Passedjowouters-DellLatitudeE64102011-04-17 22:45
Passedpaolorotolo2011-04-16 19:04
Passedmoogman2011-04-15 15:42
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